Flight Attendants in the Fight

against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is no longer just an international issue. It is happening right here in the United States, in our own backyards, in our nail salons, and even on our airplanes!

Do you know how to recognize it and report it?

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Flight attendants, pilots and gate agents

through their interactions with large numbers of

uniquely positioned

to identify potential victims and help bring

human traffickers to justice.

air travelers are

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Follow your gut instinct.

If you see something, say something.

Always keep your eyes open

and question something that is

out of the norm.

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Did you know that every 15-30 seconds, a child or woman is trafficked? Did you know that the average age of a trafficked child is 12-14? Educate yourself and become an advocate in the fight against human trafficking.

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Trafficking happens to boys too!

There is only ONE known safehouse for boys

that are victims of trafficking - in the entire U.S.

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Modern Day Slavery

exists in 2016

Are you prepared

to handle it

if it stares you

in the face?

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