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#IGiveHope: Delta making ‘lasting impact’ in human trafficking fight

SEX TRADE: CEASE Boston combats local sex trafficking

Columbus joins airports boosting human trafficking awareness

Uber Announces Partnership with ECPAT-USA

Human traffickers using Uber drivers to shuttle migrants through Mexico, official says

How Airports could Help Stop Human Trafficking

This free app is fighting human trafficking, 4 pictures at a time

Flight attendant tells how she learned to recognize human trafficking and what you can do

Klobuchar, Warner Introduce Legislation to Combat Human Trafficking on Flights

Legislation seeks to have airline workers report human trafficking

What being a flight attendant taught me about human trafficking

Virginia and Minnesota Senators fight human trafficking on airlines

U.S. flight attendants seek mandatory training to spot human trafficking

7 warning signs that human trafficking is happening on your flight

Travelling to South Africa with kids? carry their birth certificates

How to spot Trafficking in an Airport

Survivor: ‘I was trafficked through airports in this country’

The war on human trafficking

Airports An Important New Front In Combating Human Trafficking

Be a ‘Force Multiplier’ in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Argentina tightens security on all air flights: requested info must be delivered 72 hours before take off

Atlanta airport unveils sex trafficking signs

Delta President, Ed Bastian, gifts Indiana Wesleyan University 1.5M for the creation of the Bastian Center for the Study of Human Trafficking

An Air France executive has been charged with running a vast prostitution ring that brought young women from Brazil

Are enough airline staff being trained to identify trafficking victims?

Another airport related incident — this time airport police indicted for human trafficking!

Criminal Activity in the Travel and Tourism Industries

Cindy McCain (The McCain Institute) and Letty Ashworth (Delta Manager of Global Diversity) talk about what the United States can do to end human trafficking at the 2014 Human Rights Summit

Airport posts new signs aimed to help prevent child sex trafficking

Fighting sex trafficking in hotel rooms, one room at a time

Be a responsible traveller

Using transit workers to stop human trafficking

Human Trafficking: A Flight Attendants Survivor’s Story

Airlines’ role grows in war on U.S. sex trafficking

Human Trafficking: If You Fly, You’re On the Front Lines

Spotting human trafficking on flights

Child sex tourism targeted with Air Canada in-flight videos

Pilot scheme trains airline and airport crew to better spot human trafficking

Video: Flight Attendants Need Training to Recognize and Report Human Trafficking

Anti-slavery teams to be introduced at UK airports

Delta to Implement New Anti-Human Trafficking Program in Partnership with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Department of Transportation. Delta among the first airlines to adopt Blue Lightning Initiative

ECPAT Air France Anti Child Prostitution PSA

Arizona Man Caught Smuggling Thai Woman In Suitcase Across U.S.-Mexico Border – See more at:

Arizona Man Caught Smuggling Thai Woman in Suitcase across US-Mexico Border

San Jose Airport Workers Trained to Detect Human Trafficking

The war on human trafficking