Our Mission

Angels At 30,000 Ft is a wide-spread campaign to encourage flight crews to become educated on the subject of human trafficking, and to share this knowledge with others so that we may help recognize it and report it as it is happening on our airplanes.

Flight Attendants, Pilots and Gate Agents are the first line of defense when it comes to dealing with human trafficking on our airplanes and in the airports where we work. We are fighting for a no-tolerance human trafficking policy on our airplanes.

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AA30 partners with non-profit organization and points flight crew to attend anti-trafficking airline-specific training classes, connects them with various anti-human trafficking conferences, challenges them to find ways to help their local anti-trafficking agency in their city, and encourages them to utilize their own gifts and talents to make a difference. Together, we can save a life.

Angels At 30000 Ft represents flight attendants, gate agents, pilots and other airline personnel from a number of US airline carriers, including Virgin America, Southwest, Delta, United, Continental, USAir, American, Frontier, ATA, SkyWest, Alaska, Omni, National, Compass, Allegiant, Jetblue, Endeavor, Horizon, GoJet and Spirit and others.