Want to be an Angel?

Are you as passionate about educating on the subject of human trafficking, as we are? Do you want to train in your own community or on the job, but don’t have the tools to do so? Don’t reinvent the wheel! We will give you the tools, the support and anything else you need to do your own training.

What’s included?

1. An AA30 branded website for airport and airline training –¬† always updated and visually appealing – it includes a “Toolkit” to give out at your training, or to point your colleagues to if they can’t attend a training. This website and toolkit is invaluable, with tailored content specifically for the airline/airport community

2. An AA30 branded Powerpoint & PDF file consisting of a FULL training for airport/airline personnel – all you need is your computer to present the material!

3. Files to print your own business cards with your name on them, and AA30 postcards  and verticle table banners!

4. Important files for “handouts” that you can print and present to your trainees, including pre- and post-training questionnaires so you can gather important feedback about your training

4. Ideas on how to connect with local safe houses, State representatives, FBI, the Police Department, Homeland Security, and local law makers, so that you can partner with them in your own training!

5. Support – call us any time! We have been doing this for years and have plenty of advice to share! We are bursting at the seams!

If it interests you to become an AA30 Angel Trainer, please go to our CONTACT US page and be in touch there!

**** Additionally, if you would like the Powerpoint training to use at local community events, church events or to train at corporations (not airline/airport related), please reach out and we can give you tools for that type of training, as well!

Why would we do all this? Because ultimately, we are trying to save lives! Thanks for joining us in the fight against human trafficking!